United Airlines Makes Travel to Hawaii Easier


Beginning February 1, United customers flying to Hawaii with a valid negative COVID-19 test will be able to provide their findings prior to boarding in order to save time and avoid the document screening lines upon arrival.

Customers flying on United’s 110 weekly flights to Hawaii will be subject to the new pre-clearance process.

United Airlines Makes Travel to Hawaii Easier
United Airlines Makes Travel to Hawaii Easier

United is also making it easier for consumers to obtain the necessary tests to escape Hawaii’s 14-day quarantine by making authorized COVID-19 testing available to all customers flying to the islands, regardless of their origin in the United States.

“We’re enabling customers going to Hawaii to spend more time enjoying their vacation and less time in queues,” said Toby Enqvist, United’s chief customer officer.

“Since testing is critical to the success of domestic and international travel, we will continue to lead the way in developing easy and secure solutions that ensure our clients have all they need on their next journey with us.”

Customers must participate in Hawaii’s Safe Travels program and complete Hawaii’s COVID-19 questionnaire within 24 hours of departure to begin the pre-clearance process. Following that, consumers will utilize the Safe Travels website to upload negative test results obtained within 72 hours of their departure from one of Hawaii’s trusted testing partners. Customers will meet a United team member at the gate for their trip to Hawaii, where they will get a wristband if they qualify for airport screening bypass in Hawaii. Customers who have been pre-approved will be allowed to bypass screenings in Hawaii and continue their journey immediately upon arrival.

United is also making it easier for consumers to receive authorized COVID-19 test choices by expanding the availability of mail-in testing to customers traveling from any location in the United States. Customers will be notified in advance of their Hawaii vacation about the testing alternatives available locally. United also partnered with XpresCheck last year to provide same-day testing options for United customers at various airports. XpresCheck presently operates sites in United’s Denver terminal and plans to expand into United’s Houston and Newark airports in the coming weeks. Customers who select XpresCheck can make an appointment online for a quick molecular test on the same day as their travel. On a first-come, first-served basis, walk-in appointments are also available.

United has implemented several changes to its operations since the COVID-19 epidemic began, all of which improve the passenger experience and make the airline a better company. Earlier this week, United announced the addition of a new Travel-Ready Center to the United app and website, where customers can study COVID-19 travel requirements, locate local testing alternatives, and upload any required testing and immunization documents. United also began enabling all passengers to travel standby for free on another flight to the same destination on the same day this year, and all MileagePlus® Premier® members can now confirm a new trip to the same destination on the same day when space is available in the same fare class at check-in.