Which Character Clothing Best Represents Your Own Style?

This Español series was the epitome of style with outfits straight out of a magazine cover. Every look in this series inspired people from around the world. Every style ranging from gothic to sleek to street style was showcased in this series, giving all the fans some major style goals.


Which Character Clothing Best Represents Your Own Style?

There may be a chance that you were more bent towards Lucrecia’s chic and sophisticated wardrobe style or you were keener towards Rebeka’s swanky outfits. Which character’s fashion style do you more relate to? Scroll down and find it out yourself.

1. Carla Roson Caleruega

As a marchioness, it was anticipated that her dress sense would be Nobel, refined, and expensive. Carla is your own style if your preferred style is luxury and high-end. From her expensive bodycon dresses to her flashy accessories and even her school uniform, which she elevated with ribbons and ties, she is unquestionably one of the series’ most fashionable characters. If you enjoy creating costly fashion with elegant ensembles or know how to pull off the sultriest looks, include Carla’s clothing style in your collection.

2. Rebeka Parrilla

She was the series’s edgy queen. If your preferred style is eccentric mismatched ensembles or if you prefer funky and statement looks, Rebeka is your muse. Rebeka has developed new fashion trends in each episode, from her quirky haircuts to her chokers and fishnets to her body accessories worn over stylish ensembles. If you enjoy being in the spotlight and experimenting with numerous styles of fashion if you are eclectic and a badass, include Rebeka’s clothing style into your collection.

3. Lucrecia Montesinos

The show’s know-it-all princess. Lucrecia is your inspiration if your preferred style is elegant, sleek, and showy. Her attire was always acceptable, and she was born-ready for even an impromptu glitter and glamour celebration. From her elaborate headbands to her modish ensembles, she turned heads at a breakneck pace. If you are someone who enjoys making dramatic entrances, who enjoys expressing themselves via their clothing, and who likes fashionable accessory-heavy ensembles, particularly headbands, include Lucrecia’s wardrobe style into your collection.

4. Cayetana Grajera Pando

Cayetana was without a doubt the show’s most elegant and fashionable character. She was prepared for any situation. Cayetana is your inspiration if your preferred style is comfortable yet extravagant. She made her clothes appear effortless to wear while also dripping with inventiveness and edginess. The series’ ambitious fashion designer was truly the pinnacle of self-expression via clothes. If you are someone who is constantly on the lookout for new trends and enjoys looking well for every occasion, include Cayetana’s clothing style in your collection.

5. Ariadna Blanco Commerford

Ari’s boy cut and tiny clothes endeared her to the public. Ari is your inspiration if your preferred style is high-class, flashy, and elegant. Ariadna has an eye for elegant, opulent design, as seen by her bralette top and skirt combinations, frill dresses, and blazer ensembles. She wore outfits straight from the runway. If you are someone who prefers fashion over comfort, perfection over laziness, and who dresses to impress and entice, you should choose Ari’s clothing style as your own style.