Why is “Dad, I’m Sorry” by Tran Thanh such a hit in U.S?

After taking lead in revenue in the domestic box office, Dad, I’m Sorry by Tran Thanh continues to gross $1,080 million after three weeks of release in the United States, attracting not only American audiences but also international audiences. What makes this film so appealing to such a wide variety of audience?


“Dad, I’m Sorry” became a hit in America.

Without a doubt, Dad, I’m Sorry is a movie that is well regarded by Vietnamese audiences in term of script, context, authenticity in the performance of the actors, and successful public relations strategy

The film is a combination of elements that keep Vietnamese audiences exciting, from the actor Tran Thanh to the web drama Dad, I’m Sorry. But the most noteworthy aspect is that the film knows what the audience wants, addresses the audiences’ problems, and is a distinctively Vietnamese cinematic production.

A pure Vietnamese cinematic production

While it is not too difficult to understand Dad, I’m Sorry ’s success in its home market, but in order to make a highlight in the US market, this movie also offer certain value or have other support.

The U.S. film industry is difficult for its competitors. Classics from Hollywood and other nations with developed movie industry all converge here in the States. As a result, Dad, I’m Sorry, a Vietnamese film, grossing $1,080 USD after three weeks of premiere during a time when the Covid 19 outbreak restricted entertainment activities, was seen as a huge success.

More importantly, Dad, I’m Sorry not only reaches emotions of the Vietnamese community in the United States and young Vietnamese people, but it also attracts audiences from many other nations.

Many people believe that Dad, I’m Sorry ’s popularity is a result of it being palatable to a wide variety of audiences. Vietnamese expatriates were moved by the film’s depiction of the beloved Vietnamese image, the honest and authentic Vietnamese people, and the strong family connection.

The film depicts the life, culture, and lifestyle of Vietnamese families

Dad, I’m Sorry is also a film that connects young Vietnamese people to their roots. They are the second and third generations of Vietnamese in the United States. The stories about Vietnam that they were told by their grandparents and parents, or few times they got to visit Vietnam are not enough to visualize Vietnam truly, and Dad, I’m Sorry contains pure Vietnamese footages, and honest scenes that help young Vietnamese people understand their native place.

The moral of Dad, I’m Sorry makes young Vietnamese in the United States sense deeply about Vietnamese family life and relationships. Thus, it makes them proud, and become a bridge for international friends to movies and knowledge about Vietnam, a place where, no matter where they travel, there is an invisible link in each other hearts.

For oversea viewers Dad, I’m Sorry is a new visualization, promoting the exploration of a nation and a culture via pure Vietnamese works and pure Vietnamese scenes.

U.S. audiences support “Dad, I’m Sorry”

It is obvious that Dad, I’m Sorry gained a breakthrough thanks to the film itself, but in order to achieve such a success, there’s one aspect to be acknowledged which is the crew’s full support in bringing the film to the United States.

The movie was distributed by 3388 Films which attempted to obtain Dad, I’m Sorry a screening in major theatres and a Golden time slot in order to attract the audiences. 3388 Films also had the finest media strategy to ensure that Dad, I’m Sorry made it through the first week with ticket sales sufficient for further screening.

Dad, I’m Sorry achieved this record-breaking accomplishment after an outstanding debut, where the movie exceeded experts’ predictions, made more than $400,000 on the weekend, shattered the record for a big hit by a Vietnamese film having the greatest weekend theater screenings in the United States.

With a limited release in 19 theaters throughout the United States, Dad, I’m Sorry, distributed by 3388 Films, grossed an amazing $22,000 per theater, surpassing even A Quiet Place Part II and Cruella to top the list of co-plays that weekend in terms of average gross per theatre.

The number of theaters grew to 38 in its second weekend, and the film continued to dominate the box office, generating a stunning $230,000 during that holiday weekend, totaling more than $960,000 at the end of the second week.

 Dad, I’m Sorry was successfully released in 47 theaters across the United States on the third weekend, marking the largest number of theaters to screen a Vietnamese film in the American market.

3388 Films is a production and distribution business with a solid track record in over 20 different countries and languages, specialized on Asian and Southeast Asian film and media content. Recent projects released in the United States include Tam Cam: The Untold Story, an epic action fantasy film directed by director Ngo Thanh Van, who starred in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and Bright with Will Smith.

The success of Dad, I’m Sorry in the United States is also a step toward affirming the creativity and growth of Vietnamese cinema industry. Not only it is considered a piece of art, but it also serves as a bridge promoting Vietnamese culture to international friends.