Zumba: You’re gonna love from the first try

"Zumba is probably a subject that many people may fall in love with in the first trial, I myself am a live reference. I remember the day when my friend invited me to join for fun and as such I have been in love with Zumba for 8 years already." - Coach Jason shares his chance to engage in professional zumba.  And now he is answering 1001 questions about this special sport.


Hi Jason, what would you share about this Sport in one word?

Zumba is a “civil”  sport as you can find Zumba in any clubs, gym centers or any other places you may think up. Many people love Zumba because it is easy to play and offer effective health care and moreover Zumba is suitable for people of all ages, and has a musically dynamic melody. Especially when you play Zumba at the gym centers, clubs, you will have a lot of opportunities to share and exchange dancing themes, opening up a healthy cultural environment.

Playing Zumba is easy and comfortable, in fact, when getting involved, you will feel relaxed physically and mentally. Regarding the time, Jason started from scratch (He never learned about it before), but after only 2-3 months he was skillful in it. That is no requirement for gifted talent for Zumba, your passion is sufficient.

What made Jason stick to this Sport in 8 years and consider Zumba as your career, is it simply the invitation for trial for fun?

Firstly, maybe I found Zumba interesting, trying to play Zumba made me mentally refreshed, relieved stress, and then came a feeling of physical flexibility and health improvement.

Zumba requires neither skillful techniques nor excessive movement, it still burns 600-700 redundant calories. If you want to lose weight with Zumba, you will feel the effectiveness just after one month of regular practice.

In a special case of Jason, he is passionate about food and drink, Zumba playing helps him avoid diet at his maximum discretion but still keep fit, have sound sleep and visibly improve his immune systems.

Thanks to the great benefit gained from Zumba, Jason decided to inspire many people to play it. He showed that you can become a Zumba Coach from passion with love.

It doesn’t take time to play it well, so is it difficult to become a Coach?

For Jason, Coaching is hard but very interesting work. Although Zumba is easy to play, you are required to have various skills when it comes to the instruction for people at different ages for multiple classes. His learner’s ages range from 6 to 70 years old, so it is not the same instruction for all.

It is not about the movements but importantly what the Coach should do is to inspire and disseminate the love for zumba to everyone.

Zason himself perceived health benefits of Zumba, so he always aspires more and more people can play this dance.

As a Coach, what are the points of emphasis for your learners when teaching zumba?

To learn Zumba fast and achieve the highest level of health effectiveness, Jason openly shares 3 secrets:

  1. You should be mentally comfortable, overcome self-hesitation to relieve yourself. People are often embarrassed because of fear of playing wrongly in front of the crowd. To overcome it, go to the gym with some of your close friends or make friends with classmates on the first day of participation.
  2. You should choose a really comfortable outfit with high flexibility, wear soft-based sneakers with low heels.
  3. You should not eat full before playing, maybe a snack with sufficient water for the activity.
  4. You should think about other reasons for choosing Zumba, e.g, for beauty, weight loss, health improvement. These will motivate you to play better. Then surely you will feel happier and healthier, whether your dance is beautiful or not.

This conversation is not long but enough for us to start playing music, watch some videos of Zumba dancing and choose a class with a suitable schedule. Thank you Jason.